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The operation resulted in an error. One or more errors occurred



  • Belinda Kerr

    Hi Kevin,

    We had the exact same issue and were told apart from clearing the cache, the only fix is to upgrade to 4.14.5.

    Apparently in 4.14.5, there was a fix for cached tokens that could provide a fix for this issue.

     173770: Addressed an issue that caused service token refresh operations to fail when managed via Essentials.

    As an upgrade is not an option for us at present, so we have not been able to confirm if it actually fixes the issue. The most frustrating part is that is doesn't happen to everyone and they can't pinpoint why it happens to some users and not others.


  • Kevin Rathgeber

    Belinda Kerr
    Thanks for the info.  I didn't even realise there was a 4.14.5.  I missed seeing that was released.

    An upgrade is no small feat for us.  10 servers and multiple instances on each - roughly 20 installs takes some time to do.  Wish it was a simple as dropping in a new DLL that fixes it.

  • Hazel Riordan-Veteto

    **Update: I just found our problem:

    Has anyone found a resolution? We just updated our Enterprise to 11.1 and are now having this problem.  We are running 4.14.5.  I have cleared cache and I have tried Chrome and Edge.  I have run the Post Installer to see if that got me through...nothing seems to get me access to my sites again.


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