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Attachments layout



  • Amanda Frech

    Berend Veldkamp unfortunately the Multiple Feature Attachments control doesn't have these options for formatting.  I would definitely recommend posting this as an enhancement request.

    I have seen some organizations work around some limitations of the Multiple Feature Attachments control by replacing it with a subreport.  If the layer/table that has the attachments comes from an enterprise geodatabase, then you can either publish the attachments table separately to ArcGIS Server and connect to that or you can use a SQL/Oracle/etc data source to connect directly to the attachments table in the subreport.  Then they'd use a PictureBox control to display the attachment images in the subreport. That leaves more options for how the images get aligned or columnized (taking advantage of the Detail band and PictureBox settings), and it gives the option to add in attributes like file names, but it still doesn't get any adaptive sizing based on the image size or orientation.  I think getting some improvements to the out-of-the-box Multiple Feature Attachments control to support more formatting options would be great, so please do post to the Ideas board at .

  • Berend Veldkamp

    Thanks Amanda, I added an idea.


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