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[5.38] Make Navigator More Navigable




  • Ken Lyon

    Hi Zack Robison,

    Thanks for your idea, or should I say ideas. There are a lot of good suggestions in here. We made a few improvements to the Navigator in VertiGIS Studio Workflow 5.37 which we released a week ago.

    1. The Navigator can now be docked to the right of the screen for a more vertical layout. This helps show more of the overall tree at a time.
    2. The designer now remembers whether the navigator was open or closed, and which location it was docked to the next time it's loaded.

    I'll see how many of these other ideas we can introduce. I'm sure we can add some enhancements.

  • Zack Robison

    I'm stoked for the new QoL improvements, thank you Ken (and team)!  That side view is going to make writing these bigger WFs better.  I'm also excited about the compaction of forms in designer, which is a definite improvement, and the update to the tab key.  Most appreciated!

  • Ken Lyon

    Zack Robison You're welcome. I'm glad you like them! Keep a look out for 5.38 in early March - it's going to include some of the things you've been asking for in this thread:

    • All collapsed by default.
    • Removed root node.
    • Buttons for expand/collapse one level.

    There's also a new "Show in Navigator" option on the three-dot action menu on activities/form elements to take you to where that thing is in the Navigator.


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