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Track Custom Events with Workflow



  • Cam Carmichael

    Hi Nelson

    Yes - this should work fine from Workflow. Wherever you want to log an event you should be able to use the Run Command activity with studio-analytics.track-custom-event command - and pass in a payload like:

    ={"name":"my event",
    "payload":"event 1 fired!"}

    When your workflow runs and passes this point - you'll see an entry in the Custom Events table like:

    With the current version of Analytics (1.1) - there is no way to filter for just "my event" - but with 1.2 (aiming for June) we have introduced Filters which will allow this.

    Hope this helps!

  • Nelson Dobbs

    Thank you Cam Carmichael!

    I was trying to add a little extra to the payload and not just a string.

    Thank you for clarifying, all is good and it's logging properly!


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