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Include legend in a report template that uses a map picture box



  • Gareth Evans

    Hey Jeffrey Garcia-Cartagena the map picture box is intended for a single feature. It doesn't show graphics layers or the user's markup or selections, or have a legend.

    Our VertiGIS Studio Printing product is intended for print output of a map including markup, all visible layers in the map. 

    You can combine a print output and a report output into a single report using a Workflow. I don't have a readily accessible example, but here's some docs:

    I could build out an example workflow if it helps as well.

  • Jeffrey Garcia-Cartagena

    Hi Gareth Evans,

    Thank you, this is exactly what I needed! The documentation is very helpful! I've been attempting to create this workflow on my own, an example workflow would be great to reference. Unfortunately, I am unable to find the merge PDFs activity within my current workflow toolbox. Are there any additional steps I need to complete to make that activity available to me?

    Thank you,

    Jeffrey Garcia

  • Eliza Whiting

    I too would be very interested to see an example workflow. I'm currently trying to figure this out as well.

    Thank you,

    Eliza Whiting

  • Gareth Evans

    Hi Jeffrey Garcia-Cartagena and Eliza Whiting thanks for your patience here. I had thrown this together and neglected to post it, until a colleague inquired.

    Here's a quick POC workflow:

    It looks like this:

    Note this is a server-side workflow that would need to be called from a client side workflow to work in that context. It's also relatively basic, you'd want to adapt this logic and formatting to suit your needs.


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