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Highlighted Feature in Report Map


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  • David Major

    Just checking again if anyone has any suggestions on this. Looking to add the graphics for the highlighted feature in the results of a studio web map to the map picture box in the report. Map shows up fine just not the graphics of the feature used to create the report. 


  • Gareth Evans

    Hey David Major the issue here is that Feature Picturebox is generated at runtime on the report by the Chromium engine that Reporting uses and isn't technically the same as what the user sees in an existing viewer session. That highlight, which comes from the graphics layer, wouldn't show up as it's not being passed into the report for generation.

    What you could do here is instead use a Get Map Screenshot to get the map state (including that graphics layer) and then pass it into the Run Report as a base64 encoded parameter. The report would then be able to use the Base64Decode function to apply the image input parameter to a Picture Box control.

    Anecdotally, I've also found this to be a performance savings as we don't need to wait for the Chromium engine to generate that feature and are just decoding an existing screenshot.



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