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Using Deployment Hooks in VertiGIS Studio Web and Mobile Designers



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  • Cam Barnard

    Mike Diss-Torrance ... you asked about this, put together some additional information for you. 

  • Gareth Evans

    Thanks for sharing this, Cam!

    Tangential to this topic, while at the EUC I had a customer ask whether we could integrate a VSW deployment pattern with a git repository. I don't have direct experience with this, though I've noted that there is a well-documented github webooks API that may serve well for that use case.

  • Cam Barnard

    Now that you have these 'hooks' on application deployment events, the portal information, and the item ids, you can fulfill a number of use cases that have come up.

    1. Updating server-side resources like databases
    2. Creating a persistent changelog for your app
    3. E-mail notifications about updates to apps
    4. ... and yes if you mix in the Esri python API you could grab items from the portal and stash them in alternate locations for backup or source control like git
  • Jeff Kapellas

    Can I suggest having a Tech Tip video on the use of deployment hooks? It would be very useful to see how these could be set up and used.


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