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Unable to select multiple


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  • Margaret Montgomery

    I can select individual table cells by pointing and clicking but I am no longer able to drag the mouse to select whole tables or multiple report elements. It is very frustrating!

  • Adrianna Barton

    Having the same issue here!

  • Gareth Evans

    Hi everyone

    I noted this behaviour as well and reproduced it in a VSR 5.20 environment. I confirmed this is a regression from VSR 5.19. I've filed bug item 222163: "No selection box appears when attempting to select multiple controls via click & drag" and alerted our product team. I don't have any specifics on timeline for a fix, though I can say that our VSR 5.21 release is targeted for June 2023.

  • Ryan Cooney

    Hi All,

    I can confirm that this was fixed today and will be part of the Printing and Reporting 5.21 releases.

  • Cass Honebein

    Ryan Cooney That's great news! Is that release still expected for June 2023 or could we see this fix earlier? Thanks!


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